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How Much Does Chronic Care Cost? (Long-Term-Care)

Before understanding how much Chronic Care costs, let’s review what we mean by Chronic Care or Long-Term Care. Chronic care is long term care, where someone needs help with Adult-Day-Caretheir ADL’s or Activities of Daily Living, these activities are; bathing, eating, transferring, continence, toileting, dressing and or cognitive impairment (dementia) requiring a constant supervision.  The severity of need often determines the cost variables.

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What is Chronic Care?

                Before we can understand the risk of Chronic Care, we first need to understand Broken-Leg-Chronic-Carewhat is Chronic Care?  The word Chronic come from the Greek word Khronos meaning time, when an illness is Chronic it means its “Long-Term” and is not necessarily getting any better. Chronic Care is a status of someone who needs continual care because they not getting any better. For example someone who is wheel-chair bound because of a broken leg is not Chronic,  in all likelihood the leg heal and they will walk again.  Contrast this to an individual who has a spinal injury and is in a wheel chair, this condition is chronic because it is long-term.  

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